We are on a mission to accelerate speed chess as an esport

Checkmate is a vertically integrated game publisher focused on competitive play

Our story

From mates to a global team focused on fair play

Season one

Checkmate established

Checkmate was dreamt up by a few mates during the pandemic. Being a competitive bunch we figured that with our joint skills, new tech and a few tweaks we could accelerate online speed chess as an esport. After a flurry of activity and R&D we realised we had to focus on fair play first.

Season one
2022 • AUGUST

SzuperChess acquired

The acquisition of SzuperChess, frequently compared to a Chess-adapted Zoom, was a defining moment in fulfilling Checkmate's mission, notably enhancing our position against online cheating. Since its launch in 2020, SzuperChess gained recognition for its innovative AI and computer vision system, which leveraged player's webcams to guarantee match integrity. This pioneering approach earned SzuperChess numerous nominations for European Startup and technology awards

Season one

Asian Chess Federation Arab Esports Federation and ESIC

We secured exclusive partnerships with the Asian Chess Federation and Arab Esports Federation, designating Checkmate as their exclusive tournament platform,data, and broadcast partner. These partnerships encompass 73 national chess and esports federations, effectively covering a significant portion of the global chess and esports community.

Season one

Strategic Partnership with Tencent Cloud

Checkmate.live forged a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud, marking a significant milestone. This alliance united Checkmate's innovative online chess platform with Tencent Cloud's expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat measures, gaming, and extended reality (XR). This collaboration sets the stage for advancements in fair play and immersive broadcasting, and a range of future collaborations to accelerate the game.

Season one

Best Competitive Play Focused Game Publisher 2023

Checkmate.live is honored to have been awarded 'Best Competitive Play Focused Game Publisher 2023 - Australia' at the Innovation in Business, Gaming and Development Awards 2023.

Season one
Jan• 2024

Alpha Platform

After a few stops, starts and pivots and more mates leaning in, we ironed out all the boss level kinks including dealing with cheats. More than just a game, Checkmate.live is about social play with its in-platform video conferencing and community features.  Get ready to compete and ensure every move counts as you battle for glory, cash, credits, and collectibles. From arcade to competitive play, we reward your skills and ensure your mates play fair.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the premier platform for competitive mind sports. We aspire to offer an accessible, fair and sustainable eco-system  for epic battles, broadcasts, leagues and tournaments.