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Checkmate is a next-gen esports-first broadcast and tournament platform for speed chess. We provide players of all skill levels a level playing field to compete for glory, cash, credits and collectables. From Arcade to Competitive play we’re committed to ensuring players and teams play fair and get a fair go by sharing in the upside.

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Get ready to play

Speed Chess

Play for fun, play fair, play hard. Play fast and furious speed chess with mates.

For Loot

Earn cash, credits and collectables at all skill levels. Epic prize pools each season.

Arcade Mode

Play the game within a game, battle your mates, play for keeps. Earn XP and complete missions and quests to unlock limited edition cards and skins.

Competitive Mode

Rank up solo or as a squad through our esport-first division system. Play in local and global leagues and tournaments. Compete for glory, rewards and some serious cash.

Get ready to XP

Social play

Connect with mates anywhere with in-game video and chat. Chat, tip,  battle or tilt with unique emotes with your next-gen Avatar.

Next-Gen Avatars

Checkmate next-gen immersive Avatars are called Lil'Mates. Lil'Mates are dynamic, they're limited, upgradable, tradable and emulate your expressions and movements as you play.

Flex your game

Be the player you always wanted to be. Customise your Avatar, Chess set, or arena, it's time to play your way and flex.

Each season, new Avatars , skins and traits will be available for players to  earn, unlock and trade.


Players on a stage

Lil 'Mates are not only part of the arcade metagame they also act as a de-identification mask for players concerned about privacy. 

Partnered colab partners can BYO PFP with token gated tournaments.


Built to stream

Stream with a Checkmate next-gen Avatar  or a collab PFP direct to your favourite streaming platform.

Extended Reality [XR]

Mix Lil Mates, broadcast, creators and hollywood tech players and every stage in a major tournament becomes a chapter in their story.

Get ready for esports-first game play

Rated and unrated

Play in official Federation or Checkmate comps. Our exclusive Ai Anti-cheat and custom algorithms provide enhanced cheat-detection, fair play, pairing and skill-based matchmaking.


Enhanced fair play and skill-based matchmaking means better prizing for all skill levels.

100K comp sound good for unrated players under a 1100 elo?


Play at your leisure and level, rank up regionally and compete in global tournaments and leagues to compete for credits and cash.


Squad up to play in duos, trios and squads for credits and cash. Play in relegation and franchise leagues.

Get ready to hustle


Collect limited edition digital collectables and skins that you can level up, hold, trade or sell.


Trade or swap collectables and skins with other players.
50% of trading fees are allocated to the Community Treasury.


Partnered players, teams and PFP collections can run tournaments and sell DLC.


A spot in the Arcade Grand Slam and World Cup. Epic prize pools funded by the Community Treasury.


Vote on community events and initiatives, future product improvements and community spend.


Fair play

Integrity, tolerance and transparency are key values to our team. We're committed to Fair play and ensuring players get a Fair go.

Resolving the issue of cheating in chess has been a priority. Pretty sure we've nailed that and now we can focus on our next mission.

Community First

Play brings people together. In the spirit of web3, Checkmate has established a co-governance model for the Community Treasury. Our model is designed to be fair and geared towards building a healthy ecosystem.

Our goal is to give players a voice and fair share of the upside.

Community Treasury

The Checkmate Treasury  is a dynamic fund that grows with every trade and treasury drop.

This  pool is allocated to  events, community initiatives, scholarships, special activities and prize pools.

50/50 on the upside

50% of all market place trading fees are allocated to the Community Treasury.

That's just for starters...

Community Treasury

The community treasury has 4 pools:

  • 40%
    Event and Prize Pool

    Event Fund, Marketing and Prize Pool

  • 10%
    Creator and Sponsorship Pool

    Scholarships, sponsorships, grants and bounties

  • 40%
    R&D and new product development

    Ai, Anti-cheat, Platform and XR

  • 10%

    Admin and integrity team

The Community Treasury receives:

  • 100% of treasury drops
  • 50% of Founders' drops pre and public sales revenue
  • 50% of Checkmate and participating marketplace secondary sales royalties
  • 50% of treasury yields

Treasury Management provider:

Founders First Mint and Alpha Roadmap

The next chapter you own
Component divider
700 million reasons

Chess its the world's biggest game, sport and  esport with an estimated 700 million players. It's bigger than football, bigger than League of Legends, bigger than Fortnite, it's the game real players play.

We're on a mission is to accelerate speed chess and mind games as an esport. We want to build a community where social and pro players, play fair and get a fair go. A a place where you can play fast and furious, battle your mates, be the GOAT and make some bank.

Squad up with us if your like-minded, founder, creator, player, thinker, punk or renegade. Help us craft a better experience and state of play, that puts players first.

Slide into our Discord

Play with mates at your level

Checkmate was dreamt up by a few mates during the pandemic. Being a competitive bunch we figured that with our joint skills, new tech and a few tweaks we could accelerate online speed chess and mind sports as an esport. After a few stops, starts and pivots and more mates leaning in, we ironed out all the boss level kinks including dealing with cheats.  

Level 1
Key pillars and platform build
< November 2023

Team up with the community

With the key pillars and core platform done it's time for us to put the community first. Time for you to lean in, meet or join the team and help us to craft the future of competitive play. Team up with the 73 national chess and esports federatons, win some loot, secure your spot for the first drop

Level 2
Community  build
November 2023 +

Federation and Beta testing

This December, join us for a special testing phase of our core platform before the big reveal. We're inviting players and federations keen to accelerate speed chess as an esport. For those leaning in, there's loot, allowlist spots, and passes are up for grabs. After a brief Christmas hiatus [summer break] to recharge with family and mates, we'll gear up for an epic 2024. Lean in, speak up and  help us change the game.

Level 3
Community feedback
December 2023+
Pre and public sale

Drop time: Avatar Pre and Public Sale

Secure your pass to play and earn by securing a lil'mate.

Six exclusive lil'mate collections will be dropped based on the King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. Each lil'mate is unique has a suite of exclusive traits, utility and founder only perks. All include a PFP to create and flex and a pro pass that unlocks your next-gen avatar for competitive play.

Level 4
Boss Level 1
Feb 2024
Pre and public sale

Alpha and free play

If you haven't flipped, Let's play! Early access for founders to compete in founder only tournaments and free play for those looking to level up before the first season.

Major event and season one announcement!

Level 5
Boss Level 1
Feb - May 2024
Arcade pass drop

Arcade Mode Pack Drop

All founder mates receive a Arcade Card Pack Drop. Founders Arcade packs are a strictly limited release and only available before our first season.

Some lucky holders will score super rare Ordinal Lil’mates and traits hidden in packs.

Level 6
Boss Level 2
20 March 2024
Community matters

Community Matters

Time to huddle as a team and and plan our next moves together.

- Community elections 
- Community roadmap 2.0 and treasury allocation
- Community job listings and tenders
- Participation token details released
- Xmas and Merch partner drop
- Community Art Awards and Charity Auction
- Community guilds launched

Level 7
Team Huddle
December- April
Season one

Season One

- Arcade and pro season one 
- Weekly brawls and monthly showdowns
- Arcade Pro-Am Battles
- Pro pass division play

Rank up solo or as a squad. It's time to play fast and furious, for loot, credits and collectables. Time to collect and craft your own style of play with your Lil'mate.

Level 8
Let's compete for some serious loot
May 2024


We've roped in some of our mates to build the best experience possible:

Cloud and Technical Partner

Brand Integration

Platform Development

Executive Production

Official online broadcast and
tournament platform of:

Fair play and integrity partner