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play chess online with friends
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PLAY Fast and Furious online Speed Chess WITH MATES

Play, watch, stream and earn credits, crypto, glory and exclusive loot.

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Get ready to compete

Speed Chess

Play for thrills, play fair, play hard. Play fast and furious speed chess with mates.

For Loot

Earn cash, credits and collectables at all skill levels.

To Win

Earn respect and rank up to earn epic prize pools. Play solo or squad up as a pack, play Bo1 or Bo3 with enhanced fair play in skill-based divisions.

For Ratings

Compete in official Asian Chess Federation speed chess tournaments against rated players with enhanced Fair play.

play online chess and set up a board

Get ready to play

Arcade Mode

Play the game within a game, battle your mates, play for keeps. Earn XP and complete missions and quests to unlock limited edition cards and skins each season.

Pro  Mode

Rank up solo or play as a pack through our esport-first division system. Compete for glory, rewards and USDC.

Battle Mode

Hustle your mates in a high-stakes game. Stake your cards and skins, and battle them in our "Winner Takes All" mode.

The Market

Unleash your inner trader and profit from your skills. Trade your hard-earned winnings with other players to complete your collections or acquire rare skins.

Official online broadcast and
tournament partner:

Fair play  partner:

Get ready to flex your class

Next-Gen Avatars

Checkmate introduces our next-gen immersive Avatars. They're dynamic, limited, upgradable, tradable, and replicate your expressions and movements during gameplay.

Social play

Connect with mates anywhere with in-game video and chat. Chat, tip, battle or tilt with unique emotes with your next-gen Avatar. New Avatars, skins and Chess sets are available each season for players to earn, unlock and trade.

Enhanced Privacy

Play safe and protect your online privacy with our Next-Gen Avatars that act as a de-identification mask.

Built to stream

Stream with a Checkmate next-gen Avatar direct to your favourite streaming platform.

Get ready for esports-first

Division play

Enhanced fair play and skill-based matchmaking means better prizing for all skill levels.

Rated and unrated games

Official Federation or Checkmate tournaments. Our exclusive Ai Anti-cheat and custom algorithms provide enhanced cheat-detection, fair play, pairing and skill-based matchmaking.

Solo play

Play at your leisure and level, rank up regionally and compete in global tournaments and leagues to compete for credits and cash.

Play as a Pack

Squad up to play in duos, trios and squads for credits and cash. Play in relegation and franchise leagues.

Get ready to Play Fair

Enhanced Fair play

We're here to provide a level playing field with world-class anti-cheat tech, proactive Fair Play measures and a zero-tolerance attitude for cheaters and bad sports.

Szuperchesss Protected

Our multi-model ai and computer vision tech monitors real-time gameplay to ensure your mates play fair.

Fair play  Collaboration

We're committed to advancements in fair play through collaboration with the community, federations, research partners, and world-leading experts in artificial intelligence.

Fair Play Innovation Lab

We're committed to fair play R&D  through collaboration with the community, research partners, and world-leading experts in artificial intelligence.

Community first play

Community Treasury

The Checkmate Treasury  is a dynamic pool  that grows with every trade and treasury drop.

This  pool is allocated to prize pools,  events, community initiatives, scholarships and community grants.

Co Governamce  

Vote on community events and initiatives, future product improvements and community spend.

We're committed to Fair play and ensuring players get a Fair go.

Players Voice

We ensure the players are represented from the get go with a Players and Queens Council.

50/50 on the upside

50% of Alpha Packs sales and market place trading fees are also allocated to the Community Treasury,.

Community Treasury

The Community Treasury has 4 pools:

  • 40%
    Event and Prize Pool

    Event Fund, Marketing and Prize Pool

  • 10%
    Creator and Sponsorship Pool

    Scholarships, sponsorships, grants and bounties

  • 40%
    R&D and new product development

    Ai, Anti-cheat, Broadcast and Platform R&D 

  • 10%

    Admin, Community helpers and integrity team

The Community Treasury receives:

  • 50% of  Alpha Pack pre and public sales net revenue
  • 50% of Checkmate and participating marketplace secondary sales net royalties
  • 50% of Marketplace TX fees
  • 100% of Treasury Drops
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The Alpha Pack is a meticulously crafted, limited edition bundle tailored for Checkmate's pioneering adopters and core supporters. It's not just a collection of digital assets; it's a strategic play. The Alpha pack offers a rich blend of exclusive in-game assets, benefits, utility and perks. The pack represents a shrewd investment for players looking to play the game.

Each pack includes a next-gen Alpha Avatar and Alpha Pro Pass that come with exclusive benefits, utility and perks. Your also receive four  Alpha Drop Keys which provide early access to our Alpha Box Drop, which can include Crowns, Credits, Card Packs, and hidden Alpha Avatars.

Checkmate King PFP Avatar

PFP Alpha AvatarETH

Flex your class, rights and skills with a PFP ERC-721A based collectable.

Checkmate Next Gen Immersive Avatar

Next-Gen Alpha Avatar

Immerse yourself in the game with a Next-Gen Avatar.

Checkmate Alpha Pass play chess online

Alpha Pro Pass

An annual pro pass membership with Alpha-only benefits up to seven years in duration with upgraded perks.

Checkmate Drop Box unlock loot

4 x Alpha Drop Keys

Four Alpha Drop Keys for our upcoming Alpha Box Drop.

Both Checkmate and Tencent Cloud share a unified vision where the convergence of media and technology can be harnessed to level up the realm of competitive play, broadcasting, and chess – one of the world's largest sports and the next big thing in esports.
Leo Li Tencent Cloud


Vice President, Tencent Cloud International

"Our partnership with Checkmate will allow the Asian Chess Federation to deliver competitive online tournaments and increase opportunities for our players. A key determining factor in the decision to partner with Checkmate was their commitment to improving the integrity of online chess and their ability to successfully create a solution that satisfies ACF's vision for the future"
His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahayan

President, The Asian Chess Federation

His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakboot Al Nahayan

President, Asian Chess Federation

"The Checkmate team have shown that they are gearing up to be leaders in promoting integrity measures in esports, and we are delighted to be working with them to bring fair play and competitive integrity to casual and pro online Chess"
Sethen Hana

Stephen Hanna

CEO, Esports Integrity Commission

"Our proprietary technology gives Checkmate a significant competitive edge and the ability to scale cash tournaments globally. Szuperchess has been battle-tested by grandmasters across multiple tournaments, and I'm excited to join their AI and integrity team and help expand its capabilities."
Joan Buc Prades

Joan Buch Prades,

Founder, Szuperchess

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