Community TREASURY

Community Treasury

The Checkmate Treasury  is a dynamic pool  that grows with every trade and treasury drop.

This  pool is allocated to prize pools,  events, community initiatives, scholarships and community grants.

Co Governamce  

Vote on community events and initiatives, future product improvements and community spend.

We're committed to Fair play and ensuring players get a Fair go.

Players Voice

We ensure the players are represented from the get go with a Players and Queens Council.

50/50 on the upside

50% of Alpha Packs sales and market place trading fees  are allocated to the Community Treasury.


We are committed to accelerating online speed chess as an esport. The Checkmate Treasury, along with its attached prize pool, is a dynamic fund that grows with every trade and treasury drop. Alphas participating in the Alpha sale, as well as players who trade, contribute to the Treasury.

Embracing the spirit of sports governance and web3 principles, Checkmate has established a co-governance model for the Community Treasury. This model is designed to be fair, transparent, and geared towards sustainable growth. A portion of Checkmate's revenues is allocated to support initiatives and nurture the Checkmate community.

The concept behind the community treasury is inspired by the web3 ethos and our previous experience in community fundraising, pay-per-view, sports, and sports governance. The beneficiaries and stakeholders are the players in our community and the broader player ecosystem. We recognize that not all players have equal access to opportunities and representation, often influenced by factors like gender, resources, or geographic location.

The Community Treasury aims to level the playing field by increasing opportunities for earnings, allowing players to influence its direction, and supporting the development of promising talent.

The Community Treasury has 4 pools:

  • 40%
    Event and Prize Pool

    Event Fund, Marketing and Prize Pool

  • 10%
    Creator and Sponsorship Pool

    Scholarships, sponsorships, grants and bounties

  • 40%
    R&D and new product development

    Ai, Anti-cheat, Broadcast and Platform R&D 

  • 10%

    Admin, Community helpers and integrity team

The Community Treasury receives:

  • 50% of  Alpha Pack pre and public sales net revenue
  • 50% of Checkmate and participating marketplace secondary sales net royalties
  • 50% of Marketplace TX fees
  • 100% of Treasury Drops
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The initial funding of the community treasury will be funded by the Alpha Pack Sale.

  • A hefty 40% will be committed to the Prize Pool, Marketing and Event Fund, driving exciting gaming experiences, marquee events, community and Alpha events
  • 10% dedicated to the Creator and Sponsorship and Scholarships pool, commissioning creators, fostering partnerships, and nurturing new talent through scholarships and a community grant program.
  • 40% steered towards cutting-edge Research and Development, including AI, anti-cheat mechanisms, XR technologies and Development for robust platform growth and maintenance
  • 10% allotted to the Administration and Integrity team to ensure a smooth and safe experience

Post platform launch the community treasury will receive the following:

  • 100% of net treasury drop revenue will go to the community treasury
  • 50% of Checkmate and participating marketplace secondary sales royalties is committed to the community treasury
  • 50% of Marketplace TX fees

Distribution of funds

  • Community grants and sponsorships will be allocated as per the co-governance model
  • Research and Development will be allocated and managed by Checkmate. The community can vote on new platform features and builders and engine devs committed to fair play will be able to apply for grants.
  • The initial allocation of event and prize pool funds will be allocated by Checkmate to ensure a fair distribution of prizing and resourcing across player and founders only events. A further allocation will be provided to the planned community councils.

A Community Investment Charter will be developed in conjunction with the community. In addition to regular updates, an Annual Community report will be made available.The community treasury pool total and wallet subtotals and any third-party PFP collections held will be available on the checkmate website and on-chain.

An overall % or amount of the funds will be retained  within the community treasury for investment. This % or amount will be based on the final result of the First Mint in consultation with the community.

ALPHA  -Governance

Checkmate has established a Community Treasury co-governance model on a voluntary basis. We do not represent it to be a DAO but an effort to lean in and provide the community with the opportunity for shared decision-making, participation and promote community led-initiatives. At the same time we need to ensure we can complete our mission by
managing operational risk.

  • Innercircle Alpha pass and Alpha Avatar holders can actively participate in community decision-making
  • Avatars are weighted according to their class, with the King and Queen having the highest weighting and the Pawn the smallest weighting

Checkmate reserves the right to amend the terms of reference to ensure sustainability or unforeseen circumstance; eg change in regulations.

Initially, community management for Checkmate will be done through Discord, a popular communication platform for gamers. Post the Alpha Launch, third-party web3 management tools will be used.The Checkmate platform offers a fully integrated web2 [chat and video] feature in time we will implement internal voting tools.

This means that the community will be able to participate in decision-making processes regarding the development of the platform and community initiatives.


As part of its commitment to community and acceleration of chess as an esport we're establishing the Checkmate Player and Queens Council. Members of the  Council will be elected by the Checkmate community prior to the first competitive season. We want to ensure that players interests are fairly represented and we're all moving forward together.

  • Players Council - to provide players with a voice, promote player welfare and development
  • Queens Council - to promote female participation and representation in chess

Check out the Checkmate Playbook for FAQ's

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