We are on a mission to accelerate speed chess as an esport

Checkmate is a vertically integrated game publisher focused on competitive play

Our story

From mates to a global team focused on fair play

Season one

Checkmate established

Checkmate was dreamt up by a few mates during the pandemic. Being a competitive bunch we figured that with our joint skills, new tech and a few tweaks we could accelerate online speed chess as an esport. After a flurry of activity and R&D we realised we had to focus on fair play first before venturing further.

Season one
2022 • AUGUST

SzuperChess acquired

The acquisition of SzuperChess, frequently compared to a Chess-adapted Zoom, was a defining moment in fulfilling Checkmate's mission, notably enhancing our position against online cheating. Since its launch in 2020, SzuperChess gained recognition for its innovative AI and computer vision system, which leveraged player's webcams to guarantee match integrity. This pioneering approach earned SzuperChess numerous nominations for European Startup and technology awards

Season one

Asian Chess Federation Arab Esports Federation and ESIC

Secured exclusive partnerships with the Asian Chess Federation and Arab Esports Federation, designating Checkmate as their exclusive tournament platform,data, and broadcast partner. These partnerships encompass 73 national chess and esports federations, effectively covering a significant portion of the global chess and esports community.

Season one

Strategic Partnership with Tencent Cloud forged a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud, marking a significant milestone. This alliance united Checkmate's innovative online chess platform with Tencent Cloud's expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat measures, gaming, and extended reality (XR). This collaboration sets the stage for advancements in fair play and immersive broadcasting, and a range of future collaborations to accelerate the game.

Season one

Best Competitive Play Focused Game Publisher 2023 is honored to have been awarded 'Best Competitive Play Focused Game Publisher 2023 - Australia' at the Innovation in Business, Gaming and Development Awards 2023.

Season one
Jan• 2024

Alpha Platform

After a few stops, starts and pivots and more mates leaning in, we ironed out all the boss level kinks including dealing with cheats. More than just a game, is about social play with its in-platform video conferencing and community features.  Get ready to compete and ensure every move counts as you battle for glory, cash, credits, and collectibles. From arcade to competitive play, we reward your skills and ensure your mates play fair.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the premier platform for competitive mind sports. We aspire to offer an accessible, fair and sustainable eco-system  for epic battles, broadcasts, leagues and tournaments.

Meet our team

Our philosophy is pretty simple — squad up with talented people and collaborate
John McRae
John McRae
Disrupting media and sport for 20+ years


  • Entertainment, Esports, Sports, New Media promoter
  • Passionate about broadcasting, events and fair play
  • Founder, Duco Events, SKY ARENA, and VADR Media
  • Promoted New Zealand's first PPV boxing, music and football events
  • Founded and built Australasia's first always on esports TV studio and biggest esports tournament platform
  • 2018 NZ Marketing Magazine Media Visionary of the Year
  • 2009 NZ Marketing Magazine TV Event of the Decade
  • Founder and Life Member, New Zealand Esports Federation
    and Oceania Esports Council
Jamie Skella
Jamie Skella
Co-Founder & Head of XP
Passionate about chess, esports, web3 and UX


  • World Economic Forum Pioneer Technology Award Winner [Blockchain]
  • Founding Partner, Polybit
  • Head of UX , AFL and Tatts Group
  • Owner, GG EZ Bar [Esports Bar]
  • Former pro CSGO and MTG player
Brenda Saveluc
Brenda Saveluc
Brenda Saveluc
Web3 Evangelist and kick-ass commercial lawyer


  • Founder, Blackgold Legal
  • Expertise. ICO, NFT and STO regulation
  • Expertise,  Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency
  • Commercial and Corporate M&A
  • Accountant, PWC
Curt Jones
Curt Jones
Executive Producer
Broadcast and sports mad executive producer


  • Executive Producer
    Entain, Fox Sports, NRL Media
  • Chief of Staff - Fox Sports News
  • Sports Editor, TV3 New Zealand
  • Producer, ESPN USA
  • 20+ years experience Sports Media
Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov
Product Designer
Transforms complex systems into intuitive designs


  • Senior Product Designer,

  • Senior Product Designer, TSM

  • Senior Product Designer, Seldon

  • Web Designer, ALIK Agency

  • Creator of Orion, Hyer Charts and Eclispe Design Systems

Joan Buc Prades
Joan Buch Prades
Joan Buch Prades
Broadcast and sports mad executive producer


  • Artificial Intelligence and Neuromarketing thought leader

  • Former competitive chess player

  • CEO & Founder, Decoditive

  • CEO & Founder, Szuperchess

Dimitri Darsch
Dimitri Darsch
Game Designer
Broadcast and sports mad executive producer


  • Game Economy and Monetization Designer

  • Knight Watch iOS + iWatch Chess Game

  • Pyrojump, Battle Royale Tycoon, Eredan

  • RPG , Social & Collectible Card Game Design

Rodrigo Nascimento
Rodrigo Nascimento
XR developer, 3D artist and Ai
Broadcast and sports mad executive producer


  • Thought leader in Gen Ai
  • XR Developer
  • 3D Artist

Key Advisors

"The wise man listens to advice, for counsel can illuminate paths that even the wise may not see." - Seneca
Ken O'Shea
Ken O’Shea
Governor of the Community Treasury and numbers


  • Partner - Lockhart O'Shea Chartered Accountants

  • Chief Financial Officer, First Capital of Switzerland Limited, Dubai

  • Executive Director, Finance and Operations, Waqf Trust Services

  • Deputy CEO, Hamilton Trust Company, Bermuda

Anurag Khurana
Anurag Khurana
The godfather of gaming and esports in India


  • Founder & CEO , Newgen Gaming

  • Country Manager, Riot Games India

  • Head of Esports, Reliance Jio

  • CEO, Red Octane

Tony Lawrence
Gaming and Rights
The Don of Gaming Down Under


  • CRO, MightyKingdom
  • Former General Manager & Director, 2K Australia
  • Former Executive Director, COO, Mighty Kingdom
  • President, Game Developers Association Australia
  • Director, IGEA Australia
  • Ministerial  Advisor, South Australian Government
Dr. Nabin Sharma
AI and Chess
Chess fanatic and machine whisperer


  • 30+ years of organising Chess tournaments
  • Lab Co-Director, Intelligent Drone Lab, UTS
  • Course Director, Master of Artificial Intelligence, UTS
  • Associate Professor,  Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, UTS
  • Design Lead, IBM Global Services
  • Life Member,  Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI)

Key partners

We've roped in some mates to combat cheating in chess
Integration icon

Strategic Partner

Tencent Cloud, one of the world's leading cloud companies, is committed to creating innovative solutions to resolve real-world issues and enabling digital transformation for smart industries.

Tencent Cloud, is he cloud business of global gaming and technology company Tencent.

Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII)

Fair Play Lab partner

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), a world leader in artificial intelligence research, aims to develop advanced algorithms and theoretical foundations for AI. The institute's expertise spans various areas, including computational intelligence, business intelligence, computer vision, data science, machine learning, brain-computer interface, bioinspired neural networks, and information systems.
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AI Anti-cheat

Acquired by Checkmate in2023, Szuperchess is the first real and effective solution to combat online cheating in Chess.  Billed as Zoom adapted to Chess tournaments, its innovative AI and computer vision-based approach to cheating utilises a player's webcam to monitor match integrity.

Fair play partners

Good governance requires the right oversight
Integration icon

Asian Chess Federation

The Asian Chess Federation, commonly known by the acronym ACF, is the international governing body of chess across the Asian Continent. Its membership comprises of 53 national associations across Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.
Integration icon

Arab Esports Federation

Founded in 2017 to emulate the Arab Olympic Federation, the Arab Esport Federation consists of 18 countries across the Middle East and Gulf countries.
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Esports Integrity Commission

ESIC is the guardian of the integrity of esports takes responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating.

A community minded venture

We are playing  with a new playbook
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Checkmate is a stand-alone entity incubated by VADR Media, an Australia-UAE executive production company passionate about play, broadcasting, events, and new media. Checkmate has collaborated with subject matter experts, mates, strategic partners, and vendors to accelerate online chess as an esport. All our stakeholders are committed to fair play and a fair go for players and teams, with a share in the upside, united by the principles of Ekecheiria, Fairness, and Tolerance, and fueled by our collaborative but competitive nature.

Development team

A collaborative effort to reimagine online speed chess
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Executive Production

VADR produces and promotes new media, sports and entertainment. VADR has been at the forefront of developing content for free-to-air, cable, pay-per-view and online platforms since 2005.
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Strategic Partner

Tencent is leaning in with ith expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat measures, gaming, extended reality (XR) and media services. Checkmate and Tencent will be rolling our a number of initiatives to accelerate online speed chess as an esport.
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Development Partmer

Crustlab is a Polish software development company that specializes in web and mobile application development. It specialises in software development for igaming, fintech and sports. CrustLab embedded team works closely with the Checkmate team.

Competitive Play

We are on a mission to accelerate online speed chess as an esport. As individuals, we all have different attitudes, beliefs, skills and values. As a team, we don't ask people to set aside their values, we share an ethos, which guides our behaviour and decision-making. This is best summed up by the word Mateship, an Australian and New Zealand cultural value that embodies equality, fairness, frankness, loyalty and friendship.

As mates, we work as a team and operate united by the principle of Ekecheiria and Tolerance which embodies our platforms first principles.

Checkmate Treasury

Fair Go

We are committed to providing incentives and rewards to users for participating and contributing to the platform's growth.

Play chess online with enhanced protection with Checkmate and Szuperchess  Anti cheat and Fair play

Fair Play

We are committed to promoting fair play by ensuring that all participants have access to opportunities and compete fairly.


Fair play, tolerance and good sportsmanship must be promoted at all times.


Ekecheiria, the ancient Greek Olympic Truce, promoted peace, safe passage, and respect among competitors. This spirit is echoed in, where we promote competitive play by putting fair play, tolerance, and mateship first.