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General usage terms

We’re stoked that you're keen on promoting Checkmate!

We wholeheartedly support and encourage people who want to support our mission of accelerating chess as an esport. There are a few rules we would like you to follow to ensure the integrity of our brand remains intact. Unless there's explicit language on this page about the use of Checkmate Brand Assets, you don't need advance written permission.

The term “Brand Assets” includes anything we use to identify Checkmate and, including our names, logos, icons, and design elements.

By using Checkmate Brand Assets, you agree to adhere to the published guidelines, Checkmate’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and all other Checkmate rules and policies.

  • The permission we grant is non-exclusive (we can give it to others) and non-transferrable (you cannot transfer it).
  • We’ll likely update our guidelines from time to time, and you must follow changes within a reasonable time.
  • Please keep our Brand Assets as they are, without modifying or altering them in any way, such as changing the color or design of our logos, app icons, or screenshots.
  • Unless you're an official partner, do not use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests an affiliation, partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by or with Checkmate.
  • Don’t present Checkmate Brand Assets in a misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing, or any other manner that goes against Checkmate’s Community Guidelines.
  • Don’t use Checkmate Brand Assets on materials that infringe the trademark, copyright, or any other rights of any third party.

To ensure the ongoing integrity of the brand and we can stay on mission, we retain the right to revoke, alter, or amend any permissive uses under these guidelines at any time, at our sole discretion. You agree that we can request changes if needed, and that we can terminate your permission to use our Brand Assets at any time. You must stop using them promptly upon request.

If you have any queries regarding these guidelines, feel free to reach out to or via discord.

Brand assets user guide

Checkmate brand assets are available to be copied directly from figma here or above.

Offical partners

If you are a licensee of a Checkmate Brand Asset or partner, please refer to your agreement as it might have special terms or different terms than our general guidelines.

If you are a Checkmate Partner and have a question about using Checkmate Brand Assets under your agreement, please get in touch. If you stumble upon a website that utilizes a Checkmate Brand Asset inappropriately, we’d be grateful if you let us know.

Parties approved for the refer-a-mate programme should use the refer-a-mate pack.


Approved partner Federation should use the Federation pack. Non approved Federations can participate through the refer-a-mate programme.

Non-partnerships posts

Checkmate has official partnerships and specific language about these partnerships, as well as non-partnership language guidance. If you are not an official partner, please don’t use “collaborated with,” “worked with,” or “partnered with,” in any form.