Alpha Sale

Federation partners

As a member of a partner Federation we are delighted to offer you the following opportunity to earn by promoting the Checkmate Alpha launch.

Federation Gains:

All participating Federations will receive a 15% commission on attributable sales, allow list spots and  extra loot for giveaways.

Your Federation's Benefits:

  • Earn a Robust 15% Commission on sales linked to your Federation*
  • 10 Elite Invitations to our Alpha Sale private sale
  • 25 Guaranteed Allowlist spots for the pre-sale
  • 50 Pro Passes to engage your community
  • 100 Arcade Passes to engage your community
  • Community Investment: 50% of net sales revenue is allocated to the Community Treasury


Step 1

Register your Federation here 

Step 2

You will be sent a Federation Promo Kit
Step 3
Register your authorised wallet  
Step 4
Promote to your members and partners
Step 5
Alpha Sale
Step 6
Claim your rewards

Federation Support

All approved Federations who support the Alpha Launch will receive the following:

  • 15% commission on all Alpha Packs and Msales
  • 15% commission on all 2024 Annual Pro passes up until Season One 
  • 10 x invites to the invite-only Alpha Sale private sale
  • 20 x Guaranteed Allow spots for the Alpha Pack pre-sale
  • 50 x Season 1 Pro Passes
  • 100 x Season 1 Arcade Passes

The following Season passes will be provided for promotional use:

  • 25 x Pro Passes
  • 50 x Arcade passes

The following Season passes will be provided for Federation use:

  • 25 x Pro Passes
  • 50 x Arcade passes

Once approved you will recieve:

  • A promo kit includes information about how to claim your passes, allow list spots, social media templates and a link to register your wallet
  • Online video to walk through the process
  • Chat and ticket support on the Federation only Discord channel

Ways to promote and earn

  • Leverage Your Network: Utilize your federation's communication channels, such as newsletters, social media groups, forums, or email lists, to reach out to your members directly
  • Encourage Social Sharing: encourage your members to share information about the Avatar sale on their personal social media accounts. Provide pre-made social media posts or graphics that they can easily share, amplifying the reach of your promotion efforts
  • We are more than happy to talk to local media if requested or work with your sponsors if they wish to activate a campaign
What is the Alpha Launch?

The Alpha Launch of Checkmate marks the rollout of our live Alpha platform,  featuring exclusive Alpha Packs and Passes for our early adopters, conducted in close collaboration with our community and federation partners. This approach ensures collective progress towards enhanced fair play and shared benefits for all stakeholders.

Checkout out our Playbook for more information .

Key Highlights:

  • Community and Stakeholder Upside: Stakeholders gain from referrals and active participation, sharing in the upside of the platform's success.
  • Community Treasury Reinvestment: 50% of Alpha Pack sales are reinvested into the community treasury supporting fair play initiatives, prize pools and community growth.Federation R&D Program
  • Collaboration: Federations have the opportunity to participate in the Checkmate Fair Play R&D Lab Program, contributing to groundbreaking research in anti-cheating technology and earning recognition and rewards for their involvement.
  • Phased Rollout Strategy: Starting with Alpha, access gradually expands, integrating feedback from early users and partners to develop a platform that puts fair play and community first.

The Alpha Launch is more than just going live; it's about fostering a fair competitive, and enjoyable online  experience where everyone plays by the same rules. 

Did we mention 50% of Alpha Pack sales are allocated to the community treasury?

And that participating Federations receive 15% of attributable sales?

What are Alpha Packs?

The Alpha Pack is a meticulously crafted, limited edition bundle tailored for Checkmate's pioneering adopters and core supporters. It's not just a collection of digital assets; it's a strategic investment. Offering a rich blend of exclusive tangible benefits, unique utilities, and collectability, the pack represents a shrewd investment for players looking to play the game.

Alpha Pack Contents:

  1. Alpha Avatars:
    Includes both 2D Collectible PFP Avatars and 3D Next-Gen In-game Avatars, each unique with exclusive Alpha backgrounds, traits, and skins. Avatars are tradeable, while the accompanying Alpha Pro Pass is non-transferable.
  2. Alpha Pro Pass:
    A premium subscription (duration varies with Avatar class) offering enhanced benefits, including competitive play for cash and credits, exclusive tournament access, early allowlist access for new releases, and VIP event privileges.
  3. Beta Drop Keys:
    Four keys providing early and exclusive access to Beta Drops, which contain valuable items like Crowns, Credits, Cards, and  hidden Alpha Avatars.

1. Alpha Avatars: Flex your class and skills.

  • 2D Collectible PFP Avatar: You can run with the pack or play your own game and flip.
  • 3D Next-Gen In-game Avatar: Express yourself and elevate your in-game identity.
  • Unique Traits: Each Avatar is one-of-a-kind, featuring exclusive Alpha backgrounds, traits, and skins, thus enhancing their rarity and collectability.
  • Tradeable Avatars with Exclusive Pass Duration: Choose an Alpha Pack class, which not only elevates your status but also sets your Alpha Pro Pass's duration. Embrace the flexibility to trade your Avatar, knowing your personal Alpha Pro Pass remains exclusively yours.
  • Exclusive Access: Dive into a realm of Alpha-only events, missions, and tournaments.
  • Community Influence: Influence key decisions. Your voice matters in shaping the Checkmate community and the management of its Treasury, offering a real stake in the platform's future.

2. Alpha Pro Pass: AAA Access

The Alpha Pro Pass is a premium upgrade over the standard Pro Pass, offering a range of exclusive benefits.

  • Each pack comes bundled with an Alpha Pro Pass Subscription: Choose your class and secure a subscription.
  • Competitive Play: Compete for Cash, Credits, and USDC payouts.
  • Tournament Access: Access to Alpha, Arcade, and Pro tournaments.
  • Early Allowlist Access: Be the first to experience new games, drops, beta versions, and expansions, staying ahead of the curve.
  • VIP Event Access: Enjoy privileged access to events.

3. 4 x Beta Drop Keys - Unlock Hidden Treasure

  • Unlock the Beta Drop: These keys grant you privileged access to the highly anticipated Beta Drop.
  • Early Access for Alpha Pass Holders: Enjoy the exclusive privilege of opening your drop boxes one day ahead of the Beta drop pre-sale.
  • Treasure Trove: Beta Drop Boxes are filled with Crowns, Credits, Cards, Card Packs, and hidden Alpha Avatars.
  • Exclusive Pre-sale Access: Leverage your early access to acquire additional Beta Drop Keys, maximizing your potential rewards.

    For a full breakdown of all the benefits, perks and rewards that come with an Alpha refer to the Alpha Pack Sale page.
What is the Community Treasury?

The Checkmate Treasury  is a dynamic fund that grows with every trade and treasury drop. This ever-increasing pool is allocated to the Checkmate annual calendar of events, community initiatives and special activities.

Players who are members of Federations that support the Alpha Launch can apply for community grants or scholarships.

More details available here.

What are the sales stages?

The sale of Alpha Packs are structured into three distinct stages, each catering to a different group of buyers and offering varying degrees of exclusivity. Federations will be entitled to a 15% commission on attributable sales during the pre-sale and public sale period.

1. Alpha Pass Inner Circle
2. Alpha Packs Pre-Sale:
3. Alpha Packs Public Sale

Alpha Pass Private Sale

Quantity: 3,728 passes available.
Exclusivity: This is the most exclusive stage, invitation-only, primarily targeting early supporters and key community members.
Benefits: Early access to the Alpha Pack, extended Pro Pass membership, and additional benefits like automatic whitelisting for future sales.

Alpha Packs Pre-Sale:
Quantity: 13,328 packs available.
Access: Open to individuals who have secured an allowlist spot, offering a chance to purchase the Alpha Pack before the general public.
Allowlist: Federation members and others who have received an allowlist spot have the opportunity to purchase at this stage, subject to availability.

Total Alpha Packs supply by class:

King: 388 available.
Queen: 388 available.
Rook: 2,888 available.
Knight: 2,888 available.
Bishop: 2,888 available.
Pawn: 3,888 available.

Alpha Packs Public Sale:
Quantity: 8,928 packs available,
Open Access: This stage is open to the general public, allowing anyone interested to purchase any remaining Alpha Packs.

Total Alpha Pack supply by class:

King: 188 available.
Queen: 188 available.
Rook: 1,888 available.
Knight: 1,888 available.
Bishop: 1,888 available.
Pawn: 2,888 available.

Overall Availability
The total number of Alpha Packs available across all stages is 25,984.

King: 664 total.
Queen: 664 total.
Rook: 5,664 total.
Knight: 5,664 total.
Bishop: 5,664 total.
Pawn: 7,664 total.

In addition 2344 Alpha Avatars have been held back for the following:

Drop Boxes: 1328
Promotion: 728
Team Rewards: 288

What is the Inner Circle private sale?

The Private Sale Alpha Pass is an exclusive, limited-edition offering available by invitation only. It's designed for Checkmate’s earliest supporters, providing early access to the Alpha Pack, extended Pro Pass membership, and automatic whitelisting for future drops.

Alpha Pass Private Sale: A Calculated Move for the Exclusive Few

Gain a competitive advantage with the Alpha Pass: A Logical Choice for the Business-Minded Player. This pass is a calculated move for those who excel at the crossroads of competitive chess and astute trading.

  • Invitation-Only Access: This private sale is an exclusive, invite-only event, placing you among the ranks of royalty and former presidents
  • Limited Availability: Only 3,728 passes are available, underscoring the exclusivity of this opportunity.
  • Early Access to Alpha Pack: Receives the full Alpha Pack the day before the Pre-Sale, offering a jump on the market 
  • Extended Access and Rewards: Alongside the Alpha Pass, you gain two extra years on your Pro Pass membership and additional allowlist spots for future pre-sales.
  • Automatic Whitelisting: Assured access to Pre-Sale and future drops, ensuring you're always at the forefront of new opportunities.
  • Enhanced Value: 'Mates Rates' Pricing: As an early supporter, you enjoy significant off-market discounts and additional benefits not available in the standard offering
  • Commission on Referrals: A generous 20% commission on all Alpha Pack and Beta Drop sales made through your network, maximizing your investment's potential.

Alpha Pass Mates Rates:

  • King : 88 available, priced at $1,199.00 ($800 off public sale price).
  • Queen: 88 available, priced at $1,199 ($800 off public sale price).
  • Rook: 888 available,  priced at $899 ($600 off public sale price).
  • Knight: 888 available, priced at $719 ($480 off public sale price).
  • Bishop: 888 available, priced at $533 ($355 off public sale price).
  • Pawn: 888 available, priced at $359 ($240off public sale price).

The Alpha Pass: More Than Just Early Access

Opting for the Alpha Pass Private Sale is more than just an early purchase; it's a strategic and exclusive opportunity. With limited passes available and invitation-only access, this offering is a testament to your foresight in the Checkmate community. It’s not just about the immediate benefits; it’s about embracing a future rich with exclusive content, enhanced membership perks, and the potential for lucrative returns.

What is the pre-sale?

The Alpha Pack Pre-Sale is a special sales phase where allowlist members have the opportunity to purchase Alpha Packs mate rates before the Public Sale.

It offers:

Exclusive Early Access: Available to allowlist members, providing early purchasing opportunities.
Discounted Prices: Each class is available at a reduced rate compared to the RRP

Pre-sale Mates Rates:

King and Queen: 388 available, priced at $1,499.00 ($500 off public sale price).
Rook: 2888 available,  priced at $1,125 ($374 off public sale price).
2888 available, priced at $899 ($300 off public sale price).
: 2888 available, priced at $666.00 ($222 off public sale price).
Pawn: 3888 available, priced at $449 ($150 off public sale price).

The Pre-Sale represents a valuable opportunity for those on the allowlist to secure an Alpha Pack with significant savings.

What is the public sale?

The Alpha Pack Public Sale is the final stage in the sale of Alpha Packs, open to everyone. This inclusive phase offers:

Availability: Offers up to 8,928 Alpha Packs, subject to the uptake in earlier sales phases.

Competitive Opportunity: With its open nature, the Public Sale is a chance for anyone interested to secure an Alpha Pack amidst high demand.

Valuable Inclusions: Each pack contains exclusive digital assets and benefits, appealing to gamers and collectors alike.This phase is an exciting opportunity for the general public to join the Checkmate community and access the Alpha Pack's exclusive offerings.

How much are the Avatars if I want to sell the Avatar?

This is for the market to decide. Both the Alpha Pro Pass and Alpha Next Gen Avatar come with their own set of unique benefits, utility and perks. You can sell your 2D avatar on any participating secondary market that allows for royalties to be paid.

50% of avatar royalties go to the Community Treasury.

The Avatar's rarity, supply, and benefits they unlock. is based on their class.

King and Queen Avatars are the rarest. Each character in each collection is unique, with a different rarity score and attributes.

The higher the rarity score, the rarer and more valuable the Avatar is considered to be as a collectible. Other factors, including market demand and desirability, can also determine the value of an Avatar.

A full rarity schedule will be provided in the coming weeks.

The Alpha series unlocks additional benefits during the season and include a Alpha pro-pass membership ranging from 1 to 5 years.

How do you track sales made by our Federation?

Checkmate use the affiliate software Chainvine to track referrals and for automated payouts

  • When you register your wallet you will receive a code and tracking link 
  • If you do not have a web3 wallet we recommend a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask or a wallet compatible with Wallet Connect
  • All attributable sales you make are tracked by this code and link
  • You can login to the Chainvine microsite with your wallet to track your earnings
How do we get paid?
  • Payouts will be made in USDC to the wallet you register
  • Payouts will be made within 20 working days after the public sale
  • This wallet can no be changed out so please ensure you register the correct wallet first time around

Once funds are transferred to the registered wallet, Checkmate relinquishes all responsibility and liability for the security and management of those funds. Additionally, Checkmate bears no responsibility and assumes no liability for the security and handling of the funds stored within a third-party wallet.

Why are you asking us to register twice?

As a guardrail, we want to ensure that the person registering your wallet is authorized by you. We also want to provide you with as much information as possible, enabling your success. By asking Federations to register in advance, we can also onboard parties  who aren't well-versed in this space.

What is in the Promo Kit?

The media kit includes suggested promotional copy in English, graphic assets, that you can use straight out of the box or customize for your campaign. It also contains relevant information, such as key dates, and a link to register your Federation wallet. In addition, you'll receive an invite to a Federation Discord channel where you can ask our team questions as they come up.

How do we get the passes and extra loot?

Once you have registered your Federation, we will send you a promotional code/link for the private sale and pre-sale allow spots. To redeem your passes, we will send all participating Federations a post-campaign form where you can upload the list of winners and their contact details, along with examples and links of how you promoted the pre and public sale. Once we receive the form, we will distribute the codes the codes to winners and and provide you with your internal codes directly.

I have a sponsor that wants to support and cut a deal, is this possible?

Of course, a number of Avatars have been held back for promotional purposes. However please note, the Alpha series is strictly limited and the allocation for this will not be increased outside the first mint or discounted. Outside this there is still room to work with your partner on future drops, bundles and offers that benefit the community. Email if you wish to discuss.

What is a Season Pass?

Checkmate is a free-to-play platform, offering optional season passes. These suped-up battle passes unlock enhanced features, rewards, and perks, and are available on a monthly, season, or annual basis.

Pass Types in Checkmate:

  1. Arcade Pass
    A tiered reward system within Checkmate’s Arcade Mode. It has two versions: a basic, free version with limited rewards, and a premium, paid version which unlocks 100 tiers of enhanced rewards per season.
  2. Pro Pass
    Designed for competitive players, this pass provides access to higher-tier rewards and features its own battle pass with superior rewards and loot. Additionally, it unlocks all features, including 3D Avatars and video conferencing. Available for purchase at any time, the Pro Pass enables participation in tournaments with cash or crypto (USDC) prizes and includes enhanced fair play measures.
  3. Alpha Pro Pass
    This is an exclusive upgrade of the Pro Pass, available only during the Alpha Launch through Alpha Packs. It offers exclusive access, drops, rewards, and perks, catering to the most dedicated players and traders.
What is a Battle Pass?

Yes, you can sell your pro pass if you don't want it. It is a bonus entitlement, and you own it. The pass will be dropped to the current holder of Lil'mate at the time of the drop, and once activated, it's locked to the registered player account. If it's not activated, the time expiration will start ticking over six months after Day Zero.

  1. Arcade Pass
    A tiered reward system within Checkmate’s Arcade Mode. It has two versions: a basic, free version with limited rewards, and a premium, paid version which unlocks 100 tiers of enhanced rewards per season.
  2. Pro Pass
    Designed for competitive players, this pass provides access to higher-tier rewards and features its own battle pass with superior rewards and loot. Additionally, it unlocks all features, including 3D Avatars and video conferencing. Available for purchase at any time, the Pro Pass enables participation in tournaments with cash or crypto (USDC) prizes and includes enhanced fair play measures.
  3. Alpha Pro Pass
    This is an exclusive upgrade of the Pro Pass, available only during the Alpha Launch through Alpha Packs. It offers exclusive access, drops, rewards, and perks, catering to the most dedicated players and traders.
What's Day ZERO?

Day ZERO is when players be players and it's all about the W. Some play for glory, some for rep, this is when it's about the big W for the moolah.

Are players who are not rated able to purchase and will we be rewarded?

Absolutely, anyone who purchases a Lill'mate off your link will be attributed as a Federation sale.

What is a web3 wallet and what are Gas fees?

A wallet in web3 refers to a crypto wallet. It can store cryptocurrencies and NFTs and allows you to transact digitally with other users or markets. Think of gas fees as Ethereum blockchain transaction costs. Checkmate has no say in setting gas fees – they are determined by supply and demand across the network (blockchain).

Checkmate recommends you use a non-custodial wallet for storing your collectables and NFTs. See here for a list of wallets that work with Checkmate.

What is a secondary marketplace?

 A secondary marketplace is a platform where users are able to buy NFTs to add to their collection and/or sell NFTs to other users.

How much are Secondary Marketplace royalties?

This is subject to the marketplace you use.

How much is the Checkmate royalty?

10% of which 50%  is  allocated to the community treasury.

Is the Community Treasury secure?

To ensure the security of funds, we have partnered with Fireblocks, a leading digital asset security company. Fireblocks employs a unique, patent-pending technology that provides a secure environment for transferring digital assets, ensuring that your funds are protected at all times. With Fireblocks, digital assets are not only fully isolated but also protected from cyber attacks, internal fraud, and human errors. This state-of-the-art security infrastructure ensures that Checkmate remains a secure and trustworthy platform for all our valued community members.

When is the platform live?

The Alpha platform is live and the beta version will live  at the conclusion of the Alpha Launch.