KEY ANNOUNCEMENT - November 24, 2022


John McRae


  • Entertainment, Esports, Sports, PPV and Linear broadcast promoter

  • Founder Duco Events, SKY ARENA, LPL

  • 2018 NZ Marketing Magazine Media Visionary of the Year

  • 2009 NZ Marketing Magazine TV Event of the Decade

  • Founder and Life Member, New Zealand Esports Federation and Oceania Esports Council

Curt Jones


  • Executive Producer - Fox Sports, NRL Media

  • Chief of Staff, Fox Sports News

  • Sports Editor, TV3 New Zealand, ESPN USA

  • 20+ years experience in Sports Media

Jamie Skella


  • Founding Partner, Polybit

  • Chief Product Officer - Mogul 

  • Head of UX - AFL and Tatts Group

  • Owner, GG EZ Bar [Esports Bar]

  • World Economic Forum Pioneer Technology Award Winner [Blockchain]

Brenda Saveluc

General Consul

  • Founder, Blackgold Legal

  • Expertise. ICO, NFT and STO regulation

  • Expertise,  Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

  • Commercial and Corporate M&A

Ken O’Shea


  • Partner - Lockhart O'Shea Chartered Accountants

  • Chief Financial Officer, First Capital of Switzerland Limited, Dubai

  • Executive Director, Finance and Operations, Waqf Trust Services

  • Deputy CEO, Hamilton Trust Company, Bermuda


Dimitri Darsch

Game Designer

  • Game Economy and Monetization Designer

  • Knight Watch iOS + iWatch Chess Game

  • Pyrojump, Battle Royale Tycoon, Eredan

  • RPG , Social & Collectible Card Game Design

Joan Buch Prades

AI and Chess

  • Artificial Intelligence and Neuromarketing thought leader

  • Former competitive chess player

  • CEO & Founder, Decoditive

  • CEO & Founder, Szuperchess


Scott Adams

Intergrity and Payments

  • CEO, CNPMentors

  • Consultant, Fraud and Payments, Epic Games

  • Director of Risk Management, Riot Games

  • Vice President of Friendly Fraud

  • CEO and Founder. FraudPVP


Indy Khabra

Advertising and Strategy

  • CEO and co-founder, Livewire

  • Campaign Asia 40 under 40

  • Dentsu Programmatic, ANZ Managing Director

  • Executive Director, Amplifi

Anurag Khurana

Gaming and Esports

  • Founder & CEO , Newgen Gaming

  • Country Manager, Riot Games India

  • Head of Esports, Reliance Jio

  • CEO, Red Octane

Brad Manuel

Sponsorship and Strategy

  • CEO and co-founder, Livewire

  • CEO/COO Misfit Gaming

  • BDM and Esports Lead, AFL Adelaide Crows

Michael Cam-Phung

VC and Capital Advisor

  • Chief Strategy Officer, SEISA

  • Director, INDOCHINO

  • Principal, Highland Consumer Partners


Asian Chess Federation Logo
Asian Chess Federation

The Asian Chess Federation, commonly known by the acronym ACF, is the international governing body of chess across the Asian Continent. Its membership comprises of 52 national associations across Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

ESIC Esport integrity commission Logo
Integrity Partner 

ESIC provides oversight of Checkmate Integrity and Fairplay Policy in conjunction with the Asian Chess Federation.

The Mission of ESIC is to be the recognised guardian of the integrity of esports and to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping.

ESIC exists to unite the industry under the shared values and visions essential to fight against corruption in any form. These values form the basis of the ESIC Program of Integrity measures.



Livewire Logo
Agency and Brand Representation

Livewrire represents Checkmates online and broadcast assets to Agencies and Brands. Livewire is a global gaming marketing & gametech company that creates integrated gaming marketing strategies, using their experience with gaming publishers, talent, digital platforms and emerging technology to design campaigns and deliver solutions that add value. As the leading gaming & esports ecosystem expert and trusted partner to brands, Livewire helps with entry and strategy across web2/web3 in gaming marketing, delivering evergreen solutions where data informs content, improving performance and engagement

Executive Production 

VADR is an executive production firm that produces and promotes new media, sports and entertainment. VADR has been at the forefront of developing events and content for free-to-air, cable, pay-per-view, OTT and online platforms since 2005.

Our journey in esports began in 2015 when we launched LPL and subsequently grew it into Australia and New Zealand’s largest linear and online esports broadcaster and tournament platform. We are proud to have promoted and managed projects with our partners and clients in Australia, Bahrain, China, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait , New Zealand, Oman and the United States.