Immersive Convergence and XR

XR in event and live games as a service broadcasting hit an inflection point in 2020, while online chess experienced a global boom due to the shift online, which continues to accelerate. By delivering chess tournament broadcasts in XR hybrid format, Checkmate aims to create a uniquely immersive experience that celebrates art, culture, sport and play, providing an exciting platform for players and fans.

When we refer to XR we are referring to virtual production and broadcast cinematic utilizing technology similar to what is used in movies like Avatar and Fortnite in-game concerts. Adding generative Ai into the mix provides a new world of real-time possibilities.

Board of Sports GFX?

Extended reality (XR) encompasses immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Through the integration of XR, chess can be enhanced in unprecedented ways. By combining real-world and digital content, XR enables immersive sports analytics and a broadcast narrative that transforms each stage of a tournament into a captivating chapter of a story. The rich canvas of narratives and cultural references from chess and contributions from the Checkmate community of creators and partners provides a wealth of material to draw from.

XR is a game changer

Blurring the Line Between Entertainment and Sports

Fortnite's Astronomical Concert, which attracted 27.7 million unique viewers, serves as a prime example of the potential of XR and virtual production techniques. Checkmate is leveraging this technology and Ai to redefine sports and broadcasting, blurring the line between entertainment and sports. Immersive experiences will place the metagame as the central narrative and allow us to incorporate our players, brand and host partners into the story and overall experience. The artistry of illustrators, cards, and virtual production seamlessly intertwine to create an immersive and captivating storytelling experience

Next-Gen Avatars: Fostering Personalisation and Inclusion

Checkmate's chess platform allows players to craft their own characters through Next-Gen Avatars. This capability presents an opportunity for players to express their individuality and potentially become characters in the broadcast narrative. By enabling personalisation and inclusion, Checkmate expands the immersive experience and further blurs the line between the physical and virtual worlds.

Broadcaster, Media and Tech Collaboration

Checkmate has partnered with VADR Media and Tencent Cloud, we all share a unified vision to harness the convergence of media and technology to enhance competitive play, broadcasting, and chess. Tencent Cloud's expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat protection, gaming, and XR, combined with its global footprint, brings significant value to the table. Tencent also happens to be a part owner of the game developer Fortnite behind Unreal Engine. Meanwhile, VADR Media's track record of innovation in broadcasting including XR, includes pioneering pay-per-view in New Zealand,cloud-production and building Oceania's first always-on NDI centralized esports linear and online broadcast studio. By collaborating with community creatives and leading tech vendors Checkmate seeks to unlock immersive convergence for the world of chess and mind sports.

Chess: The perfect platform for Innovation and Social Connection

Chess's universal appeal serves as a unique platform to connect players through social and competitive play while showcasing innovation in AI, broadcasting, and Web3 technologies. Chess has consistently been at the forefront of leveraging new tech and innovation. From playing matches between earth and space to the development of Deep Blue, chess has continuously served as the perfect proof point of progress.

Chess: The perfect platform for Innovation and Social Connection

Checkmate's XR hybrid format and integration of virtual production methods bring chess broadcasting to new heights. By creating immersive experiences that celebrate art, culture, and play, Checkmate strives to redefine the boundaries between entertainment, sports, web2 and web3. Through collaborations with, Tencent Cloud , VADR Media, partners and vendors Checkmate has the expertise and resources to make this dream a reality.

As the viewership of online chess surpasses some of the world's biggest esports, Checkmate is poised to lead the way in creating an unforgettable and accessible chess viewing experience for players and fans worldwide.

We look forward to working with creators, players, vendors and new partners who want look beyond the board.